About this template
Here you can read what is this template for and how to use it.

Why you need this template

This template is for all Bubble creators that want to quick start a new project without having to worry about the "essential" features that any web app should have: header, footer, login, signup, onboarding, user profile.
Save tens of hours of repetitive work, just by installing the template while creating your new app. For existing app you can make "copy with workflows" of the content of every page and element to the app.

Best practices behind the scene

This template is not about fancy front-end or one layout that fits all needs. The UI is quite basic, just because every one of us is probably going to re-work a lot of the UI and the content. That's why this template is almost in black and white, with no fancy graphic. The purpose of the template is not to have a number of clone apps around that all look like the same.
With this template we did our best to provide a lot of best practices, behind the scenes features. We will get to them in the following chapters and paragraphs, but what's important to say now is that there is always time to make some changes in the front end (colors, fonts, icons, sections, texts, images, etc.) as long as you don't have to worry about all of the logics, controls and rules already in place.

We know that everyone is special

Said that, we have thought to offer also an "admin portal" where is quick and easy make a number of changes in the way the site it looks like as well as in the way that each creator wants to manage the onboarding process. You will read about this in the following chapters.