What to know first
Stuff that you should know from the beginning
Let's say that you create a new Bubble app starting from this template. Before you do anything else, take a few minutes to understand how the template is built and how to properly manage all features.

Activate the Admin User

In the app data you will find two demo user that are necessary to run the template in demo mode. Those two users are associated with the user role "demo". Don't delete them right away, but wait until the end of your training. Here is what you should do:
In the editor select the page User_Profile and then click on the Data section;
From the Data section, go to App Data tab, Users view and find user [email protected],
Edit user [email protected] changing the User Role from Demo to Admin. Save changes;
Click on Run As user [email protected] and preview the User_Profile page.
Now you are can update your user profile data (first name, last name, profile picture, gender, language, date of birth and country). You are the new administrator of your own web app.
Don't forget to click on the Credentials tab and change email address and password.
Time to move on and customize you web app in the Admin Portal. Click on the left bottom menu.
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